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OPPO R15 (F7) Flash File Scatter Download | Firmware Rom Update 2024

The OPPO R15 (F7) Flash File (Stock Rom, Firmware) is provided here for free download. You can access it through the link below.

The OPPO R15 (F7) Firmware ROM is packaged in a zip file, including the flash file, driver, flash tool, and a detailed flash tutorial.

Why We Download OPPO R15/F7 Firmware (Flash File/Rom):

  1. To restore the Oppo device to its original configuration.
  2. To upgrade the device to the most recent Android version.
  3. To address boot loop problems.
  4. To enhance software performance.
  5. To resolve stutter issues.

OPPO R15/F7 Flash File (Custom Rom) Information

oppo flash file
Rom NameOPPO R15 (F7) Flash File (Rom/Firmware)
ROM Size4.8G
Rom OS VersionAndroid 8.1
Model nameOPPO R15/F7
CompressZip Format

OPPO R15 (F7) Flash File/Firmware/ROM Latest Free Download Link 2024

Important Notes on OPPO R15/F7 Flashing:

Disclaimer: Please close the computer security manager or anti-virus software before flashing in case of deleting files by mistake. Also, please note that flashing is intended for firmware upgrades, downgrades, and software repairs, not for hardware issues.

  • Flashing will result in the loss of all data. Therefore, it is crucial to backup personal data in advance, such as contacts and messages.
  • Double-check that the model of your device matches the ROM package.
  • Aim for at least 30% battery and a sturdy data cable. If you’re on a desktop, please use the USB port on the back of the host.
  • To avoid flashing failure, keep your phone steady and don’t restart the computer, or disconnect power sources.
  • Some phones, such as Xiaomi, need to be flashed under the unlocked status. So please confirm whether your phone’s bootloader has been unlocked before flashing. (When all have fallen into place, please follow the steps below.)

>> How To Flash OPPO R15 /F7 Firmware Rom:

  1. Install the drivers from the Driver folder.

2. Now, open the flash_tool.exe in the utils\SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2216_Win folder and get it set up before flashing:

There are four steps to configure:

(1) For Download-Agent, please choose the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file from utils\SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2216_Win.

(2) For Scatter-loading File, please choose MT6771_Android_scatter.txt from the rom folder.

(3) For Authentication File, please select auth_sv5.auth from the rom folder.

(4) Make sure the flashing mode is set to Download Only. Hold off on hitting the Download button for now; we’ll get there.

3. Next, run Bypass_SLA_DAA.bat in the utils\mtkclient-gui folder to bypass authorization.

4. Shorting specific points on the phone and connect it to computer.

4.1. Remove the back cover, flip the motherboard, and follow the diagram to short-circuit it properly with tweezers. One end of the tweezers should touch the short-circuit point (marked in red), and the other should touch the metal piece. Give it a few tries, and be careful not to scratch up the motherboard.

(For R15, you’re short-circuiting at the marked point connecting to the iron piece.)

4.2. Once the tweezers make contact with the short-circuit point and the iron piece, connect the USB cable. Try shorting it out; if it’s successful, you should see MediaTek USB Port pop up in your computer’s Device Manager.

5. The Bypass_SLA_DAA.bat will handle the authorization automatically, and you’ll see a success interface like the one shown.

6. After all that, hit the Download button in flash_tool.exe which has been configured from Step 2 to start the flashing.

When the flashing is done, put the motherboard cover back on, power up the phone, and you’re good to go.

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