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Redmi K60 Flash File Scatter Download | Firmware Rom Update 2024

The Redmi K60 Pro Flash File (Stock Rom, Firmware) is provided here for free download. You can access it through the link below.

The Redmi K60 Firmware ROM is packaged in a zip file, including the flash file, driver, flash tool, and a detailed flash tutorial.

Why We Download Redmi K60 Firmware (Flash File/Rom):

  1. To restore the device to its original configuration.
  2. To upgrade the device to the most recent Android version.
  3. To address boot loop problems.
  4. To enhance software performance.
  5. To resolve stutter issues.

Redmi K60 Flash File (Custom Rom) Information

Xiaomi logo
Rom NameRedmi K60 Flash File (Rom/Firmware)
ROM Size7.3G
Rom OS VersionAndroid 13.0
Model nameRedmi K60
CompressZip Format

Redmi K60 Flash File/Firmware/ROM Latest Free Download Link 2024

Important Notes on Redmi K60 Flashing:

Disclaimer:  Before you start flashing your device, turn off any antivirus software or security programs on your computer to avoid accidentally deleting important files.

  • Flashing will result in the loss of all data. Therefore, it is crucial to back up personal data in advance, such as contacts and messages.
  • Verify that your device model and ROM package match.
  • Aim for at least 30% battery and a sturdy data cable. If you’re on a desktop, please use the USB port on the back of the host.
  • Don’t move your phone, restart the computer, or cut the power during the flashing process to avoid messing things up. Stick to the tutorial and tool instructions closely.
  • Some devices, like Xiaomi, require unlocking the bootloader before flashing. Confirm whether your device needs unlocking.
  • Install drivers before flashing; if you skip this, flashing might not work.

Also, keep in mind that flashing can only address software issues such as firmware upgrades, downgrades, and problems caused by software updates. If you’re dealing with a hardware problem, it’s best to get professional repair help.

>> How To Flash Redmi K60 Firmware Rom:

Step 1: Unlock the Bootloader on your phone if you haven’t already. (Skip this step if it’s already unlocked; otherwise, unlock it first.)

Step 2: Go to the drivers folder and double-click to install the driver.

Step 3: Open the MiFlash2018-5-28-0 folder and launch XiaoMiFlash.

Step 4: Install the driver.

(1) Click on “Driver.”
(2) Then click “Install.”

Step 5: Set up the files.

(1) Click “Select.”
(2) Choose the ROM package folder: XS_Redmi_K60_13.
(3) Hit “OK.”
(4) In the bottom-right corner, pick the “all delete”.

Step 6: Turn off the phone and hold the volume down key and power button to enter fastboot mode. Then connect your phone to the computer with a USB data cable.

(1) Click “Load Device.”
(2) Then click “Flash.”

Once the flash works, the phone will restart automatically. (You can also manually restart it.) The success flashing page will display as below.

PS: The first boot might take a bit longer, so be patient.

If you run into problems during flashing, like the MiFlash progress bar staying at 0 seconds or errors with the port driver, check the Flashing Tutorial that came with your downloaded package for troubleshooting steps.

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