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ASUS Flash Tool

What is Asus Flash Tool?

ASUS Flash Tool is a specific flash tool for ASUS Zenfone devices. With the ASUS Flash Tool version update, it is now updated with more features to support many Zenfones running Android, which makes the stock ROM firmware flash closer to 100% successful. But The Asus Zenfone flash tool only supports RAW ROM packages. 

When your mobile device happens stuck, laggy, or buggy, lots of Zenfone users would like to flash the RAW ROM firmware to fix these. After flashing, It brings the Zenfone devices back to a brand-new state.

Features of Asus Zenfone Flash Tool

Flash ROM Firmware

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool is suited to any Asus Zenfone model. With the correct ROM firmware, you can use the Asus Zenfone Tool to upgrade or downgrade easily.

Backup Apps

Some Flash tools do not allow backing up applications. But fortunately, the Asus Zenfone Flash tool does a perfect job here by supporting backup apps and restoration. These apps include things that users install on the device. But here, it lacks support for backing up app data.

Progress bar Feature

ASUS Flash Tool has a simple and straightforward user interface, where you just need to select the right Firmware file and process it directly. The real-time progress bar allows us to see the progress of the program. Users can flash the ROM firmware by using the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool on a smartphone with a few clicks.

Backup system applications

It also supports backing up system applications, which you will be able to restore easily. For your convenience, the application files will be saved on your computer in .ab format.

Restore Backup

This Asus Zenfone Tool also allows users to restore the backup that they have created, which includes the Custom Apps Backup and Pre-Installed System Apps from the PC.

ASUS Flash Tools

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v2.0.1
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.4.5
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.4.3
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.4.1
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.3.4
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.2.4
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.1.7
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.1.4
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.1.1
Asus Zenfone Flash Tool v1.0.7

How to use Asus Flash Tool:

1. Download and Install the USB Driver provided by Asus. (if you have done it before then ignore this step)

2. Pick one Asus Zenfone Flash Tool that you want to use and download and install on the PC.

3. Run the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

4. Make a connection between your Asus mobile device and the PC by using the USB cable.

5. Come to the menu and choose the” Disconnected” option to Re-establish the connection between your device and the Asus Flash Tool

6. A green Connected button will appear when connected.

7. Click the “Browse” button and find the Asus Firmware that you have downloaded on your PC.

8. After loading the firmware, click the “Start” option to begin the flashing process.

9. Your Asus mobile device will restart.

10. Turn your Asus mobile into recovery mode by Holding Volume Down and Volume UP for a few seconds.

11. Select Apply Update from ADB in recovery mode.

12. Click the “Resume” option to restart the flashing process

13. Flashing process will take 5-10 minutes. When finished, restart and detach the device from the PC.

Meta: ASUS Flash Tool is a specific flash tool for ASUS Zenfone devices. If you looking for the ASUS  Flash tool, this page have included all kinds of version of it.