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Odin Flash Tool

Odin Flash Tool Download

What is Odin Flash Tool:

Odin Flash Tool is a utility software developed and used internally by Samsung. It is useful for flashing stock firmware, custom Firmware, stocks recovery, custom recovery graphics, Root files (CF Auto Root), and also other patch files to Android devices from Samsung.

Odin is software for any version of the Windows operating system only, which included Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

Feature of Odin3 Flash Tool:

Firmware Support

This Odin3 Flash Tool only supported (.tar or .MD5) files. To use it you can only work with Samsung devices. These are the most universal TAR firmware file types.

Language Setting

With Odin3 Flash Tool you can use to change the CSC (Country Specific [Product] Code) of your GALAXY devices and receive the language you want for your system.

Boot Loop

The users can use the Odin Flash tool to resolve boot loops by Flashing stock firmware to their Samsung device.


For root permissions and customization, Rom can install a custom recovery, such as TWRP.

Storage and IMEI

If your device’s Internal Memory is not fully visible (for example, if your phone has 256GB of storage but only shows 120GB), or the IMEI is missing or damaged. You can fix these problems by downloading Samsung’s PIT file and flashing it with Odin Flash Tool.

Odin Flash Tools

Odin 3 v3.14.4
Odin 3 v3.14.1
Odin 3 v3.13.3
Odin 3 v3.13.1
Odin 3 v3.12.7
Odin 3 v3.12.5
Odin 3 v3.12.4
Odin 3 v3.12.3
Odin 3 v3.11.2
Odin 3 v3.11.1
Odin 3 v3.10.7
Odin 3 v3.10.6
Odin 3 v3.10.5
Odin 3 v3.09
Odin 3 v3.07
Odin 3 v3.06
Odin 3 v1.86
Odin 3 v1.83
Odin 3 v1.82
Odin 3 v1.70

How to use Odin Flash Tool:

1. Download and extract the Samsung firmware to your PC.

2. Download and unzip the Samsung Odin3 Flash tool.

3. Install the Samsung USB driver on your PC.

4. Start the Samsung Odin3 flash tool. 

5. Go to the PDA and search for the stock firmware that you have downloaded.

Connect your Samsung device to the PC by the USB cable when the device is in download mode.

7. After connecting, press the “Start” button to start the flashing process. 

8. Wait 5-10 minutes for the flashing to finish.

Meta: Odin Flash Tool is a utility software developed and used internally by Samsung. All versions of Odin Flash Tools are included on this website page now.

Important Notes:

[*] Disclaimer: is not responsible for any harm that may occur to your device while following this guide, therefore, please proceed at your own risk. Nevertheless, we will be pleased to provide assistance with any questions that are in our ability.