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XIaomi Flash Tool

Xiaomi Flash Tool Download

What is Xiaomi Flash Tool?

Xiaomi flash tool is the most recommended and frequently used tool for flash stock firmware on Xiaomi mobile devices. Xiaomi Flash Tool is used by Xiaomi smartphone users who aim to get on the highest optimization in the operating system by using the Flashing supports. The tool runs with the help of a Windows PC and promises to flash performance on Xiaomi smartphones completed with fastboot firmware files. However, it does not add support for flash OTA files; you need to keep this in mind to complete the flashing process.

The Xiaomi Flash tool automates the Flash ROM flashing operation by checking all files for security problems before starting the flashing process. It improves AntiRollback, error reporting, driver installation, device recognition, and so on issues. So, rather than taking unknown tools to complete the flashing process, there is a good option to download Xiaomi Flash Tool. Now, you can download all versions of Mi flash from this page. But you need to know that Xiaomi Flash Tool that is only suited to use for the Xiaomi device.

Features of Xiaomi Flash Tool:

Xiaomi Flash Tool Installer:

Xiaomi Flash Tool is a desktop program. When you download the Xiaomi Flash Tool, you will find it is a package with ADB Tool, Drivers software files, and flash files, and you need to install it on the PC before running Mi Flash Tool.

Xiaomi Flash Inbuilt Drivers:

Xiaomi Flash tools come with built-in drivers. Such as Microsoft MTP tool, Qualcomm USB serial driver, RNDIS driver, ADB and driver software, etc. You can then save the time of installing drivers manually.

Multiple Flashing Option:

There are three flash options, “Flash all”, “Flash all except storage” and “Flash all except data and storage” that you can choose.

XIaomi Flash Tools

Xiaomi Flash Tool 20220507 (Latest)
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20220218
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210813
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20210226
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20200314
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20191206
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20191111
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20191030
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20181115
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20180528
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20171212
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20170425
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20161222
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20160830
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20160401
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20151028
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20150731
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20150601
Xiaomi Flash Tool 20141107

How to install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

  1. Choose the version that you want to download and extract it on the Computer.
  2. Find the MiPhone.exe file, open it and click Next.
  3. It will appear the “Windows Security Dialog” on the screen to installing Xiaomi Drivers. 
  4. Choose to Install this Driver Software. Waiting for installing done.
  5. Now, You can launch the Mi Flash Tool from the installation folder (C:> Program Files >Xiaomi > MiPhone > MiFlash.exe) or from the Windows Menu.

How to use Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:

  1. Install Xiaomi Flash Tool on your PC.
  2. Download and extract the Rom Firmware Rom on the PC.
  3. Power off your Xiaomi mobile device. 
  4. Turn your mobile into Fastboot Mode by holding Volume Down and Power for 8 seconds.
  5. Connect the Xiaomi mobile device to the PC via the matched USB cable.
  6. Run the Firmware using Mi Flash Tool.
  7. Click on the “Refresh” option to start the Mi Flash Tool.
  8. Click the “Flash” Button.
  9. When done, the Success Message will show on the Xiaomi Flash Tool.
  10. You can close the Xiaomi Flash Tool and disconnect the device from the PC.

Important Notes:

[*] Disclaimer: is not responsible for any harm that may occur to your device while following this guide, therefore, please proceed at your own risk. Nevertheless, we will be pleased to provide assistance with any questions that are of our ability.