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Realme Flash Tool

Realme Flash Tool Download

What is Realme Flash Tool?

Realme Flash Tool is the official precision flash tool developed by Oppo Realme. The main motivation for developing the Realme Flash Tool was the ability to update and downgrade the version of the smartphone’s user interface. 
With the Realme Flash tool, users can flash the firmware of their Realme phones. So, if you already got a Realme smartphone, you can easily download the Realme Flash tool and perform the flashing of the firmware on your mobile device.

Features of Realme Flash Tool:

Portable software

It is this portable software, you just need to make download the tool to your computer, unpack it and then run the program by launching Realme Flash.exe.

Supporting Realme devices

RealMe and Oppo devices are supported. After loading the Google ADB driver, the Realme tool can authenticate the plugged device and flash the ROM firmware.

Supports the.OFP format

It supports flashing of Stock Firmware (OTA ROM) to Realme devices. You will not face any issues in searching the.OFP file in the factory firmware of your Realme device.

Realme Flash Tools

Realme Flash Tool V2 (The Latest )
Realme Flash Tool v1.0.0.4
Realme Flash Tool v1.0.0.3

How to use Realme Flash Tool:

  1. Click on the link provided below to start downloading the Realme Flash Tool.
  2. Upload the Firmware package to your PC.
  3. Shut down your Realme phone and get into fastboot mode by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power.
  4. When you switch to Fastboot Mode, you will need a USB cable to connect your mobile device to the PC.
  5. Choose the “Browse” option and browse to the firmware file that you intend to flash.
  6. Choose the “Loading device” option to Locate your Realme phone.
  7. Select the “Flash” button to initialize the flashing process.
  8. You will be required to click the “Confirm” button, signifying that it is okay to delete the device data.

Important Notes:

[*] Disclaimer: is not responsible for any harm that may occur to your device while following this guide, therefore, please proceed at your own risk. Nevertheless, we will be pleased to provide assistance with any questions that are of our ability.